MadTree Phone A Friend Pale Ale

My first MadTree beer, but not my first Jackalope. It's like the Cincinnati brewer went out to find a Nashville brewer to specifically target me with a beer. Folks, I'm touched by the respect you're giving me with this move, and I shan't shy away from the task you've clearly given me to review your beer for the massive crowd of... let's say 11 (okay, 5) regular readers.

The beer is distinctly yellow (despite the more brassy-looking picture). This is one of the yellowest beers I've ever seen, and the head is more IPA-like than Pale Ale with a thickness and stickiness that leaves lacing more than many of the IPAs I've had. Admittedly, the bubbles are bigger than an IPA, but that's not of significant consequence to me right now. The aroma is sweet, floral, and a mix of tropical and citrus fruits.

First sip is a lot more floral and a lot more bitter than the nose hinted at. The flowers are front with grass, herbs, citrus, and tropics in tow. The bitterness is too much, and the punch of flavor doesn't warrant this much - if you'd just bothered properly malting this beer... So no, I don't think we want to sip this beer. Just as well I don't usually do that.

Tip-in is pineapple and apricot under a medium carbonation burn. The middle stings with a sudden increase in bitterness, carbonation burn, and pineapple skin raking the back of the mouth while flowers and grass whip the tongue. The finish is awash with bitterness, stinging, fruit acid, and a trail-off of more bitterness.

Bottom Line: Phone A Friend? There's a reason people text and don't call anymore.



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