BrewDog Native Son West Coast Double IPA

I'm not gonna lie to you; I'm confused at the fact that this is a double IPA that is also a West Coast version of that beer. I'm used to West Coast IPAs, but I don't think I've ever had a West Coast style double IPA. Can brewery from Scotland even do a West Coast double IPA? I mean, is it the west coast of Scotland? There's a lot of West Coast in Scotland, so that would make sense.

The beer is a slightly hazy amber with a stark white head that preserves the beer's modesty by leaving a sheer cover on top once it dissipates. There's no lacing to be had here, but the typical malt-heavy nature of a double IPA kind of prohibits that. The aroma is grapefruit and lemons starting off the citrus base, but I also smell some floral notes in there.

First sip is sweet up front with whole lot of dryness on the back end. The citrus is very forward, but that tail end is a little grainy with grass and maybe a little wood straightening things out to make it so dry. It's not a terrible sip, but it's not a beer I'd likely sip for very long.

Tip-in a has some of the citrus feeling like it's being held back by the wood and floral notes, and those are augmented by the grass and grains that I tasted in the sip. The middle is an onslaught of various citrus and tropical fruits all struggling to make themselves more noticeable and more loved than the others. The finish is where the dryness settles in with a touch of the caramel malt mixed with grains and a bit more of the grass and wood.

Bottom Line: It's a solid enough beer, but they've done better.



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