Blackberry Farm "Boundary Tree" Hoppy Belgian-Style Ale

I've had Blackberry Farm beers before, and they certainly seem pretty competent. I guess when you're in Walland, TN, your options for employment are limited, and - it seems - you have time to test new beers and refine your recipe. So, I look to these guys to bring a Belgian Ale that is worthy of Belgium; this is one of my favorite styles.

The bright gold beer has a white head that has just the right amount of head. As it dissipates, it leaves a nice, thin pillow across the top with a strong ring on the sides. Lacing is present, but it's reluctant. The aroma is honey and flowers piled on top of that Belgian yeast that has grown a special place in my heart. I'm excited to get into this one.

First sip is a very sweet honey with the gentle flowers, and then that yeast kicks things into high gear. In my younger days, this yeast would have been overpowering or too aggressive, but I've learned that it is an integral part of the Belgian process, and I should trust that process to give me some truly remarkable beers.

Tip-in is that sweet, sweet honey with maybe a bit of a caramel glaze and some grains with a thin coat of yeast dangling outside of it all. The middle is where the yeast funks a little, and grapes enter the mix to smooth out what began a bit dry. The finish is a yeast bonanza; the drink dries out a lot, and the yeast hits full funk - possibly dank.

Bottom Line: These guys are an interesting bunch, and this is an interesting beer



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