Mayday "Boro" Blonde

I've been in the 'boro for quite some time now. Mayday is the big brewer here, and I've had many of their beers while out and about, but I've had relatively few of them to review for the blog (my "on the go" reviews tend to not give the complete picture and generally reflect my mood rather than the beer). But, today, I review one of their best sellers.

There was more head on this beer than just about any beer I have ever poured. I don't have an exact count of the number of beers I've poured over my lifetime, but the number is not insubstantial - and that's not counting multiple beers of the same kind. The color, lest I forget, is yellow-gold, and there's an aroma of flowers, fruit, and honey.

First sip is honey, spices, flowers, citrus, and a basic love of life. I've had a bad day today, and this is already starting to lift my spirits a bit. The taste is bright and shiny. I'm not usually that big a fan of the blonde style - and this had made me question many of the Germanic beers in the past, but this one is settling nicely with an attitude of joy and hope.

Tip-in is mild carbonation tingle with honey and bread as a base for light oranges and lemons. The middle is where the flowers and spices seem to fingernail down the back of the throat while the citrus and a bit of earth dance with the honey and bread malt. The finish is a slam of carbonation on the tongue as the flowers hit their prime and spices send things trailing off.

Bottom Line: Not a fan of the finish, but I am a fan of the overall beer.



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