Fat Orange Cat "F.O.C.Less Monster" IPA

You see what they did there? They had their name, then they put their initials in it too! How clever these guys are. They gave me a pretty horrible first taste of their beer with that white stout, and I'm not gonna forgive them anytime soon. That said, I had more of their beer already in my fridge, so I'm going to try it out. This is another "Twelve Percent Beer Project" beer that doesn't have 12% ABV. So, they have that going for them.

The orange beer nearly matches the color of the can, and the off-white head is patchy and pretty sticky. My predisposition to lambaste this beer might already be in jeopardy, as the presentation is pretty good. The translucent and murky beer has all the visual effect of a do-over. The citrus notes coming from the aroma just add a little exclamation top of the "Here, try me!" look of the beer.

First sip is a little tart and kind of savory with a lot of citrus going on and a firm malt acting as the backbone. I was tempted to call it crisp at first, but the tart and bitter trail off disabused me of that notion. Instead, I'll say that it seems like a perfectly tolerable sipping beer. But sipping is what they do on other sites - not this one. Here, we swig!

Tip-in is moderate carbonation sizzle on top of an orange led citrus. The middle puts me in mind of a citrus-based fizzy drink they probably serve at expensive downtown bars. The finish is a sharp snap of bitterness and tartness while the carbonation rushes in with a much harder sizzle and a burning in the front of the mouth before the bitterness and tartness trail off into a cloud of citrus.

Bottom Line: Better by far than their previous attempt. This is a beer I'd gladly have again.



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