Bearded Iris Hotline IPA

I'll admit that all of these orange-colored, thick, and citrus IPAs coming from Bearded Iris are starting to run together. I think I may have to start a leaderboard of just their beers so I can keep track of which ones I like and which are just okay. But, since I haven't produced one for the overall beers in the first place, I'm inclined to do that one first - if I can find the time.

Yup, it's another orange beer that is so thick that light does not seem to penetrate through the middle. The head took coaxing to get to this unimpressive level, and I'm not particularly impressed with the staying power or the lacing. Instead, it's just a dusting of tiny little bubbles languishing on the top. For all my excitement at getting new brews from these guys, this beer is not really enticing me with the look, but the aroma is a fine - sweet citrus with a zest to it that I can't help but try.

First sip is harshed by the acid of the hops while also delivering pineapple, apricot, and maybe a of bit pine? Is that where I'm getting the scraping at the back of the throat? Well, it's ends with bitterness, and that's not good for just this little sip, so I won't be sipping this beer any more. I'm going for the swig.

Tip-in is pineapple, apricot, and tangerine with a very light carbonation sizzle. The middle winds up and hits with meaty fruit from the tip-in and it's joined by plums and oranges with that little bit of pine added in there to make it taste... pretty great, I have to say. The finish is strangely dry with a little tartness and a bit of bitter taking over in the trail-off.

Bottom Line: Not for sipping, but drinking properly gives this beer its best shot.



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