Tailgate Subtle Patriotism Hazy IPA

Tailgate knows how to make beer. The fact that they're a local Nashville brewery is just a bonus. The can art is... interesting. There's way too much to unpack on it from the oriental with the fu-man-choo and american flag vest to the noticeable pre-9/11 NYC skyline. Seriously, there's too much to unpack.

They're not kidding when they call it hazy. This is hazy and dense. Now, Cammo told me once that you get a hazy beer by just adding wheat at some point in the process, and I expect he knows what he means, but I'm not sure all of the Bearded Iris beers were heavy on wheat or grains. Let's skip the head - there isn't much, and it runs away scared. The aroma is lots of fruits - tropical and citrus. I can practically taste the mango from just having the beer sit near me. This is going to be good.

First sip is fruit up front, but it's heavy grains on the back end. The beer is bitter and tart, and the finish is inelegant and unsubtle. I know they were being sarcastic with their packaging and naming of the beer as "subtle," but it is such a wild swing the other direction that it's off-putting. They could have dialed this back a couple.

Tip-in is mangoes, oranges, grapefruit, starfruit, apricot, and other fruits with a carbonation sizzle under them. The middle is a swath of tartness with grains and earth joining the fruit which, while still there, stops yelling about how great they are and starts to talk normally. The finish is when bitterness descends from on high and takes over the whole opera. Yes, other flavors and sensations are there, but the bitterness is driven forward and is not letting backup singers take over.

Bottom Line: Like my mixed metaphors, this beer is disharmonious.



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