4 Sons "Surf City" Pale Ale

We've had some middle of the road beers from 4 Sons before. City Sliquors has stocked a few of their beers, so I assume the all-powerful Jeremy likes them, and I just haven't happened upon the great beer that sold him on carrying them in the first place. I realize everyone has different tastes in beer, but I think (aside from sours and coffee beers) Jeremy and I are on similar pages.

The brassy-gold beer has a white head that gathers in patches but is afraid to leave lacing like it feels like it's going to have to clean the glass afterward. The aroma is heavy with bread malt and light on any kind of surf-style hops that I really wanted to smell.

First sip is very malty. The bread and cracker malt is thick and almost hits the taste buds like a brick. The hops are there, but they take a back seat and just kind of spread a bit of tropical and citrus in the back like a bass beat in a club that is dominated by the sound of screaming and keyboards.

Tip-in is bread and cracker with a bitterness that HAS to be coming from the hops, but I'm not getting a taste from them over the sizzle of the carbonation. The middle is a searing carbonation, scraping of tropical hops, and the crackers are drying things up. The finish is a harsh bitterness trailing into a little flour and flower.

Bottom Line: Don't know which son made this, but he needs to get a back office job.



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