New Heights/Urban South Hefe'n Hazy IPA

I don't know what to make of this beer. It is ostensibly from a local brewer, but it's not brewed here - it's brewed in New Orleans. It says it's an IPA, but it alludes to being a wheat beer. It portends to be good, but it's only 12 ounces, and that is objectively too little beer.

Well, it has the look of a Hefeweizen with its straw-gold color and thick, sporadically sticky head that leaves only the occasional bubble on the glass as lacing. The aroma is strong with this one, and it spreads its slightly dank orange and grain goodness for a few cubic feet away from the glass. It's a good look and a good smell.

First sip is definitely dank, but it also has a refreshing zest of orange and lemon with a backing of grains. It's a darn good showing. I'm not sure I'm down with this much dank, but the overall impression is pretty darn good. If you like it dank, you could do worse than sipping, but we don't just sip in this blog.

Tip-in is sweet with orange and tangerine in front and grapefruit and grains all hovering in the back wondering what's going on with the dank. The middle rolls in with the dank in front, but it's not taking over; instead, it lays down a path for the fruits and grains to walk down to the taste buds. Then, the finish is a wave of distinct dankness with the grains and fruits easing back. The whole beer gets very mellow as it warms a bit.

Bottom Line: A very good break from the tedium of beers that fit nicely into traditional categories.



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