Evil Genius Han Shot First Double IPA

Another beer from the great white north of western PA. Well, that's where I got it. Technically, this is from Pittston, PA, which is over on the wrong side of the state next to The Office-famous Scranton. My brother-in law picked this up and was generous enough to let me take one home with me to do a review of. I have such nice family members, don't I?

The hazy yellow-gold beer has a pretty minimal head on it, and the bubbles don't really want to stay. Only those with a lot of willpower manage to stick around, and these remaining bubbles form a webwork loosely covering the top. The aroma emitted is a pretty solid resin with citrus and floral hops doing their thing to impart flavors.

First sip follows the nose, but with a bit of doughy bread malt backing up the resin and hops. It's a solid taste, but heavy resin, I have found, is not for everyone, as it tends to skew into bitter pretty quickly. In this case, it is definitely being held back by the malt, so we're good to go.

Tip-in is furious carbonation scrambling with tropical fruits that I hadn't noticed in the sip. Mangoes and pears are sweet but acidic in the beginning. The middle is where the carbonation shifts to the back of the throat, and the citrus and resin come forward, but they aren't as harsh as that tip-in was; the middle is fairly mild, but flavorful. Then, the finish is a quick slap of bitterness before the resin trails off.

Bottom Line: Han would likely drink it.



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