Decadent Double Toasted Marshmallow Double IPA

Another Decadent beer and it's another dessert beer derived from a Double IPA. I had noticed the way DIPAs were sweet, unlike their IPA counterparts, so it shouldn't have surprised me when dessert beers like this started to pop-up, but I'm not sure the market for dessert beers is as large as Decadent thinks.

The copper beer brings lots of head with it to the point that I have to wait it out. I don't have to wait long, but waiting at all is annoying. The foam leaves only a scattering of lacing behind when it goes down, and the aroma of oranges and coriander are heavy, even though I wanted to smell marshmallow or even just some smoke.

First sip is very sweet. There is sugar with some burned sugar, but the oranges haven't gone away at all. I don't know if the marshmallows are supposed to assert themselves independently, but these marshmallows are definitely dipped in some citrus glaze before being dumped into flame.

Tip-in is sugar sweet like agave - no syrup, just sweetness. The middle has the orange join the mix with the sweetness being way too much; this is sweeter than a Jolt cola. The finish is a shot of tartness with the seared sugars and citrus.

Bottom Line: Even desserts can be too sweet.



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