Boulevard Snow & Tell Scotch Ale

Yup, it's another beer from my brother with antlers inexplicably glued on it. Look, it may not look great for the picture, but I like that my brother went through the effort to glue the little googly eyes on the beer with that stupid, beautiful shiny nose. So, a Boulevard has this decoration, and they were on my "naughty" list, when I had my first, but they have bounced back, so this might be very good.

The very dark amber beer is liberal with its head, but it's not too much to handle. The tight bubbles nestle nicely on the top of the beer like a sweet little mattress. Speaking of sweet - the brown sugar, molasses, and syrup sweetness is carried right over to me from a foot away, and I'm also digging the oaky addition at the outskirts of the smell.

First sip is smooth, but the end has an oak dryness to it that doesn't let go in a hurry. I can definitely taste the brown sugar and molasses, and there is some vanilla added for brightness. Still, that oak finish is pretty daunting. I wonder if a full swig will put things in proper perspective.

Tip-in is sweet brown sugar, oak, and molasses with the carbonation kicking the tongue with a stinging assault. The middle is thick with nuts up front, but it's backed by honey, molasses, brown sugar, vanilla, oak, and coffee. The finish is the dry oak, but it again won't let go for the trail-off. Maybe this just spent too much time in the wood.

Bottom Line: Removed from the wood earlier, it might have been good.



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