Old Forge Bananas Foster Moonshine

This hand-forged Tennessee spirit is distilled in Pigeon Forge with wholesome ingredients like Yellow #5! Mmmm. #5 is like the best one. I never wondered before, but why are the ingredients listed on these bottles? Are bananas even included in the recipe? I don't like the not knowing.

Yes, my pictures are sometimes askew,
but this label is doing it all on its own.
The yellow-gold beverage is poured inexpertly from the insanely difficult to pour from traditional jar (not a real Mason jar, but close enough for this purpose). Instantaneously, the aroma of bananas rise up into my nostrils. It's sweet and has a tiny little bit of crust on it, so I can see the bananas foster instead of just bananas.

First sip is like burning bananas on my lips. It is the familiar moonshine burn going down and pretty much through the mouth, but the sweet bananas are really kicked into high gear to ensure that the acetone taste of the donor white lightning doesn't manage to overcome the beverage.

Tip-in is a light, sweet crust with the strong banana and alcohol burn. The middle rolls in with a banana smoothness, but it's being trailed by the barely restrained white lightning. The finish is a surge of banana to overcome the unapproachable lightning. The trail-off is still sweet, but the alcohol definitely lets you know it's been here and had its fun.

Bottom Line: Not an everyday drink, but it's a fun version that might be an okay introduction to the idea of moonshine.



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