Hutton & Smith Igneous IPA

This tiny brewer from Chattanooga has the unfortunate name of a lawyers' office or an insurance company (maybe a large computer manufacturer, but I'm just spitballing). I'm not sure why they couldn't come up with some kind of cool name like Choo Choo Brew or Rock City Beer, but I'm not here to criticize marketing blunders - I'm here to drink beer.

The very hazy copper beer has a LOT of carbonation - it overflowed as soon as I cracked it. The picture here was four pours to let it settle, and I can already see that it's pretty good on lacing. The aroma is dusty pines and bright citrus; it is absolutely mouth-watering.

First sip is strikingly different from most of the other recent IPAs. It has a solid caramel malt for the citrus and pine to sit atop, and the bitterness is there, but it is fleeting; the malt is doing its job very well. So, as a sip, I'd say this is a keeper, but a sip isn't enough, is it?

Tip-in is caramel malt, light carbonation tingle, and pine dust. The middle is a mix of bread, citrus, pine, grass, and resin. The finish is a crisp snap of pine needles, oranges, lemons, and resin. It's a simple beer, but it's a good one.

Bottom Line: That is a VERY drinkable beer.



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