Grimm Brothers The Griffin Blood Orange Hefeweizen

"Let's name our brewery after the Brothers Grimm, but we will reverse the name to make it OURS!"
"That's a great idea, Bob. Is that legal?"
"We're in The International House of Pancakes. This is international territory. EVERYTHING is legal!"
"Bob, you're drunk."

The head is the most interesting thing about this beer. It is like slightly thick soda bubbles in the way they are all so big and they go away almost as quickly. Points of nucleation keep a steady stream of smaller bubbles rising to the top, but they die almost immediately upon reaching the crest of the bronzed orange beverage. The aroma is ... you know, I don't actually know what a blood orange smells like, but I bet that is exactly what it is. It's kind of a cross between mandarin oranges and regular oranges with maybe some tangerine and grapefruit tossed in.

First sip is about as tart as you can get. It's so tart that it seems to start to sour. Presumably blood oranges are all the citrus I'm tasting, and they are joined by some light spices and even a gentle grain or two. While it's tart, I sipped a second time, and it wasn't nearly as tart, and it seemed almost crisp in its affectation.

Tip-in is mixed citrus with a slight tartness and wheat backing its play. The middle is a sudden ramp-up of carbonation while the wheat and citrus add spice to the mix as they dance their dangerous game. Then, the finish is a snap of bitterness that retards into tartness as the orange rules the day.

Bottom Line: More wheat beers should add citrus, but they should go with citrus hops rather than adding actual oranges.



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