Two Brothers Outlaw Mosaic IPA

From the heart of Warrenville, Illinois <checks map> just close enough to Chicago for it to be an issue, but not close enough to get any of the windy city's benefit comes a beer that appears to be produced by two brothers. Do they consider themselves outlaws? Do they intend the beer for outlaws? Is the beer itself so offensive that it has been outlawed? Who knows.

The clear, honey-gold beer has a very nice, dense head on top that doesn't leave any lacing, but it lets the pine and dusty hops aroma waft right up to my face-nose, and I'm digging it. I'm writing this toward the end of summer, and I just mowed the lawn, so I'm looking forward to a good beer (not that I'm ever looking forward to a bad beer).

First sip is a thick, bready malt with a slice of lemon and a bright smack of spices mingling with it all. The dusty Mosaic hops are a bit strong with their strange mix of pine and tropical fruits, but I can't say it's too overwhelming. It's... forgettable. But that's only the sip.

Tip-in is bread malt and pine depth with the glaze of that dust just making things go off a little bit. The middle is a very nice mix of tropical and citrus fruits that overcome the dust and even add the pine to make a refreshing (if kind of watery) meat of the beer. The finish is a smack in the lips of tartness, pine, bitterness, and then an easing of bread.

Bottom Line: Perfectly adequate.



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