Hi-Wire Aerialist Summer Lager

Well, as I write this, summer is about on us, so I'm grabbing a beer and enjoying the company of my puppies. Today, I have a beer from Asheville, NC. As I have found, beers brewed in the South can totally go toe-to-toe with the big names from the North and the even bigger ones out West. Let's see if this holds up.

That is one hell of a bright yellow beer. It carries a very thick, big-bubbled head that is fluffy and sticky. It leaves a nice patchwork of lacing down the sides of the glass and emits an aroma of light, fanciful hops of the citrus variety, but they aren't heavy like an IPA.

First sip is very, very nice. It's crisp and smooth at the same time - a rare occurance as far as I can tell. It has very nice, light hops forward with citrus, peach, and (as the bottle proclaims and may have influenced me on) apricot. There's a nice biscuit and cracker malt that has a backing with some grains. I could sip this all day, but I'm not going to.

Tip-in is very malty, and I did NOT expect this. The carbonation sizzles hard, and that malt is poking at the tongue with a slight sourdough taste. The middle is a quiet respite from the rather harsh beginning, as it brings the soft, gentle caress of the zesty, fruity hops with the malt taking a back seat and making out with the taste buds. The finish is the sharp, crisp cut-off of hops with a bitterness and a bit of that sourdough.

Bottom Line: This might be a go-to for a good summer lager.



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