Bearded Iris Ever Clever Double IPA

I can't go on about Bearded Iris anymore. Much like my love of Lagunitas (haven't had a new one of those in quite some time) I think I need to stop my effusive gushing of love for them in these reviews and just get on to business. They aren't always the best beers, but they are very interesting, and that'll get you somewhere.

The delightfully very hazy and brassy-gold beer has a very nice head that boils down to a patchy mass with gobs of lacing left on the sides as if the head didn't like to be taken away and left its claw marks. The aroma is a strong citrus (orange and grapefruit) with bitterness right on the nose, but a flaky malt is somewhere under that.

First sip is a beer that asserts itself and lets everyone in the area know that it is not to be taken lightly. Hops bounce around like they own the place, and the orange and grapefruit are at the fore. Some pine join the mix, but the malt is really the story. It's not loud like the hops, but it is handling the bitterness of the hops in a businesslike fashion, and it adds just a bit of that flaky crust to it.

Tip-in is orange and the crusty malt; this is odd, as I really expected the grapefruit to go hand-in hand with the orange. The middle is where the grapefruit is, and it is there in spades with the orange, mandarin orange, lemon, lime, flaky crust, and pine, and it feels thick without being too much; it's smooth. The finish is a sideways look from bitterness and then citrus.

Bottom Line: Sublime and delicious. I don't know what more I can say.



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