4 Sons Land of Hopportunity Blood Orange IPA

I hop they thought this one through. I hope it's not the hopposite of the fine tradition of IPAs.  I hopped the top off the can, and the hops didn't exactly slap me in the face. I won't hop drinking until I get the ultimate score done with. Okay. I'm done with that stupid game.

The amber liquid hosts a solid, thick cap of bubbles that never, ever goes away. The aroma is delicious, delicious hops of the citrus variety. To say that I am looking forward to this is to underestimate just how much I'm looking forward to this beer.

First sip is surprisingly mild overall, but it has a harsh bite on the end that is very much off-putting. The bite is bitterness and nuts, and it doesn't seem like they really want to get along with each other. That cloud spoils what is a heavier malt and not nearly enough of the hops from the aroma. I need to dig in more.

Tip-in is distinctly sweet with floral and citrus gently caressing the tongue. The middle comes with a sizzle of needles and a mixture of flower pedals and citrus peels. Under it is the indiscernible malt, tamping down the bitterness. But, the bitterness swells back up at the finish, and it only comes after the bland nuttiness and a second surge of sweetness.

Bottom Line: It doesn't seem to really know what it's doing, and hops will only get you so far.



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