Garr's Juicy Trip IPA-Hopped Tripel Ale

Garr's and I have had a sketchy relationship so far. The fact that I root for small breweries means that I really want them to win. The intelligent and approachable Jeremy from City Sliquors has explained that they basically partner with one brewery after another to brew their beers, and that leads to a certain amount of inconsistency in their end product. I'm trying again, and this time an IPA-infused Tripel should be about the best shot so far.

The honey gold beer has a relatively sticky head (good enough lacing for a non-IPA) made of tight, white bubbles. The aroma is faint, but bready malt leads the slightly fruity hops that are really more of a background noise than anything. I'm not sure what balance they were going for, but I'm okay with a malty tripel.

First sip is a hollow mix of grains, doughy bread, and some very light tropical fruits. It's not a bad sip at all, but like I said - it's hollow. I wish I could describe it better, but it is like there is no meat to the fruit or bread - imagine trying to bite down on a burger and getting just a small bit of bun and a little ground beef. It's not entirely satisfying. Maybe a full swig will fill the mouth.

Tip-in is light carbonation sizzle over a little orange and flowing grains. The middle runs with a satisfying thickness that was undetectable in the sip, and it is meaty enough with grainy bread and light fruit glaze. The finish is a bit harsher, but it's not too much; there is a heightened carbonation sizzle, increased whacking on the tongue of the grains, and the fruits leave a sweetness on the lips.

Bottom Line: Probably the best Garr's I've had so far.



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