Diskin Cider Bob's Your Uncle Dry English Cider

I have experience with ciders. Strangely I think I may have had more cider brands and styles than many of the people I know who actually drink ciders regularly. That said, I don't really consider myself a cider guy. I want to know what the beverage is about, though, and the only way to know is to keep trying them.

The exceptionally pale yellow cider has fairly minimal carbonation; even the usual points of nucleation don't really amount to many bubbles - I don't know how to feel about that. The aroma is dusty, tart apples. I'm not smelling the hops, but it might be me.

First sip is a little underwhelming at first. Turns out, the finish is a bit stronger than the actual cider, and the actual cider is really watery. The finish does overcome that, though, with a not-quite-tart apple. Mind you, it's not sweet. It's an odd sensation.

Tip-in is semi-sweet grape and apple. The middle is the weakest, most watered down from-concentrate apple juice I've ever had; it's nearly tasteless. The finish is slightly tart, slightly apple, and a bit dusty.

Bottom Line: Nope. Not great, just not overtly offensive.



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