Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction Porter

It appears that this beer has some kind of special artwork that they put on the front of the can. It's so special that I contemplated using a picture of it in this review, but I opted for the picture that actually had the name of the beer in it. I'm not sure that it would have translated well in this format (or the size of my pictures here).

The beer is so brown I'm going to let it slide into the "black" category without any fuss. The tan head eventually becomes a tiny layer of fuzz that evenly covers the top of the beer. The aroma is chocolate and coffee malts. Fact is, this beer looks and smells just like it says porters should on the box. What box? Every box that knows what a porter should be.

First sip is a lot more mild than I expected to find, and it's a bit watery. The chocolate and coffee dance well together, and they got joined by some milk and even a bit of earth. I don't mean the watery texture to sound as bad as it does, but it isn't as meaty as a porter really should be. Of course, that's just what the sip says - what does the gulp say?

Tip-in is a bitter twinge with coffee up front. The middle whips up a bit more bitterness, a little more chocolate added to the coffee, earth, milky smoothness, and some nuttiness. The finish brings yet more bitterness while the other flavors fade in favor of more coffee, vanilla, and a hint of pine.

Bottom Line: It's a bit rough and bitter, just like some former girlfriends, but it is still a bit fun.



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