Black Abbey Guy Fawkes Brown Ale

Another Nashville Brewery for the blog. At what point does my blog achieve the popularity that the local breweries start to seek me out and give me free beer? I mean, I'm certainly accessible. And goodness knows I want to try more beer and would love to save the money I routinely put down at City Sliquors to buy more. What I'm saying is - call me, Boo.

The clear brown beer has a head that is definitely not leaving any lacing. It boils down to a light dusting with the ring around the sides of the glass, but the bubbles just aren't sticky in the least. The aroma is nutty and malty with a touch of brown sugar.

First sip is... gripping. It is nutty and all, but it adds quite a bit of bitterness from coffee, earth, and even pine. It's brown ale through-and-through, but that doesn't mean it's particularly approachable. Instead, it is packed full of flavor and quite heavy with potential. Let's see what the swig brings.

Tip-in is a little unexpected smoke, coffee, and walnuts. The middle brings in a burning of carbonation on the roof of the mouth while the nuts, earth, and assorted darkness linger under it all. The finish is a mouthful of nettles as the coffee and a hint of bitter chocolate join pine to leave resin and bitterness on the tongue and lips.

Bottom Line: It can stand up to whatever you're eating, and it gets better with warmth.



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