Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine

This claims to be Junior Johnson's family recipe. If you're unfamiliar with Junior, he was one of the NASCAR greats back when stock cars were actually mostly stock cars. As NASCAR started its life with moonshiners comparing their cars, this is supposed to have some legitimacy - it even says it is made using corn, and that is (at the very least) the correct ingredient for it.

The beverage appears like a syrupy Juicy Juice apple juice. So, it is pretty much what you'd expect. My initial reaction when I opened the jar was AHHHHGH! What the hell is that overpowering acetone smell? Well, I still don't know what it was. Maybe it was something to do with the jarring process (please note that this is not a usual Mason jar - it's a sad copy) because I now can only smell heavy alcohol, apples, and cinnamon. So, maybe everything will be okay.

First sip is very strong. The alcohol absolutely overwhelms the mouth, but I still get apples and... cherries? Why am I tasting cherries? I mean, I like cherries, but I didn't expect them in an apple pie. Of course, my taste could be screwed up by whatever that was when I opened the jar, so I'll go in for a few more sips.

The beverage would not easily be confused with actual apple pie - not just because it's liquid instead of solid (well, mostly solid). The alcohol stands above everything and yells down saying, "Oh, did the girly man want a sissy drink? Get your umbrella drinks somewhere else! I'm MOONSHINE, dammit! I'm supposed to be gruff and abrasive!" And, to be honest, it really is what it is supposed to be.

Bottom Line: Challenging like driving against Junior Johnson, and that means a victory isn't likely.



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