Fat Head's Head Hunter IPA

A present from one of my favorite brothers, this is direct from the outskirts of Cincinnati (technically from Middleburg Heights, OH) and hand delivered to me. So, it seemed only right that I give it the old college try. I mean, they MUST have colleges in Ohio, right? I hear that have football teams in the NCAA, so that must mean there are colleges associated with them.

The beer is honey colored with an orange twist and a minimal, yet full-hearted head with a good mix of tiny and big bubbles that eventually leave a simple, splotchy cap that still lets the dusty sourdough bread and resin aroma with lots of citrus spread all around the area, and I'm loving it.

First sip is like a dam holding back a wall of bitterness from the citrus, and I kept expecting it to break, but it never does. It's not sweet, but it's not the torrent of bitterness that all the citrus would generally lead to. Instead, it's held back by the malt and the yeast to allow the citrus to thrive, but a tang of pine-based bitterness just kind of flicks the tongue toward the end.

Tip-in is citrus meat with carbonation sting and yeast dust. The middle rises with citrus up front, leading the charge with the orange, papaya, passion fruit, and (possibly most forward) the grapefruit. The other tastes are relegated to echoes during the middle, but the finish brings up the dusty malt and resin before that pang of pine bitterness kisses the lips and runs away, shy and scared.

Bottom Line: Way different than most of the other IPAs out there, it definitely carves its place in the world.



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