Diskin Cider Lil' Blonde

Another day, another new company to get something to drink from. Today, I return to the land of ciders where I spent a lot of time in the past, but I ultimately always come back to the mountains of beer to enjoy the fruits of the hop tree (is it a tree? I should probably look that up). What new cider will they think of next?

The golden beverage has no head, and I didn't expect any. The sparkling nature of this liquid is almost entirely lost on the appearance - I think I can see several really tiny points of nucleation that are just barely giving rise to the occasional bubble. The aroma is sweet apple wine.

First sip is light and sweet apple juice. It's sweeter than I would expect from something calling it a "semi-sweet" southern cider, and the carbonation is right around the outside of the mouth with a very mild, but noticeable, bubbles.

Tip-in is like the apple equivalent of white wine with it's softness, and it has that same sweetness to it of fresh apple juice. Often, the apple juice I prefer has a bit of tart that goes with the sweetness, but this is all sweet at this point., When the middle comes, it brings almost a syrup sweetness floating on top as the bottom gets watery like a concentrated apple juice that has been too watered down. The finish is a bit harsher with its hit of tanginess, a rush of carbonation burn, and the taste switching to that of apple peel more than juice.

Bottom Line: Not a bad cider. A bit sweet for my tastes, but it'll do on the right evening.



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