Hoppin' Frog King Gose Home

I just want a fanciful brand like Hoppin' Frog to work out. I haven't been excessively impressed with their wares so far, but I haven't assigned them the moniker of "Hipster Swill" yet, and I hope not to. That said, it certainly seems like the look and general overreaching for their beers indicate that might be the direction that they are going.

The beer reminds me of dirty dishwater when I first look at it. It has a murky look to it with the added color of very watery honey. The head wasn't particularly significant when I first poured it, and it fizzled away about as quickly as the head on a soda water or cola would. The aroma is a bit of spice and then a whole bunch of lemon-lime. I could be convinced that this is a camouflaged version of Sprite or 7-Up. To sum up - presentation is not great.

First sip brings the beer into focus. This sucker is sour and tart out the yin-yang. It has flavors under the sensations of tart and sour, but I can't get to much of them. A sip is almost definitely not the way to go with this one. Let's gulp.

Tip-in is a tart overtone with lemons and limes and spices underneath. The middle becomes a more palatable bread with the tartness and sourness still kind of driving things with the lemons and limes and more spices. The finish is a veritable monsoon of tartness before the spices and ... yes, more tartness trails off.

Bottom Line: Just not what I look for in my beers. Damn hipsters.



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