Boulevard The Calling Double IPA

I enter this review with trepidation. The only other Boulevard beer that I've had was their Single-Wide IPA, and it was horrifically bad. But, I don't judge the whole brewery based on a single beer, and that one was at a hotel, not following my standard practice, and might just be their only bad beer for all I know. I certainly hope they got it out of the way. The labels on this pack don't bode well for quality control, as the labels on the six pack are all falling off.

The two things I look for in an IPA are a nice, frothy, sticky head and a color along the lines of wheat or even amber that is a bit (if not entirely) hazy. This one checks both boxes, as it has that nice head with a straw/wheat color and it tops everything off with an aroma of citrus and tropical fruits. It's good on presentation.

First sip makes me think we may have a winner. The malt is more vibrant than I had been able to smell, and it quiets the bitter niggles that come with the mango and passion fruit in the hops. But the hops are here, and they want you to know that everything will be alright - they are here for you. I wonder if they are here for a swig; just kidding! They have no choice!

Tip-in is moderate carbonation with the crusty malt and various mixes of tropical and (more notably) citrus fruits. The middle is awash with even more fruit and the malt is thrusting forward with sweetness that bashes down the bitterness that would come with the pine hops that are intermingled with the fruits. The finish is a crisp and sharp bitter twinge that trails off more sweetly and casually orange and mango.

Bottom Line: I like this beer quite a bit. It is complex and simple at the same time.



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