Evil Czech Static Chipmunk Double IPA

Evil Czech is a name I'm not going to make fun of anymore. I don't know what made them pick that name, but I assume it was a pride of heritage or something like Highland Brewing that is very Scottish and comes very much from Asheville, NC. Either way, I'm here to drink my new favorite style, the DIPA.

The beer is a sullen orange-tinted brown with a white head that doesn't really want to come out to play very much. Lacing is non-existent after the foam dies down to a skimpy patch in the middle with the almost cliche ring around the sides. The aroma is suitably floral and citrus hops with a fairly strong cracker malt.

First sip is a lot more citrus and a lot less malt than I expected. Normally, a DIPA is a lot less hops than the IPA you might be inclined to compare it to, but this one seems to sport more hops than the average IPA might (certainly more than most regular pale ales). This one is very citrus and floral heavy.

Tip-in is bready malt and citrus hops with resin backing it up well. The middle brings a smooth, thick river of doughy malt and citrus rind. The finish is bitterness and very light spices added to the citrus and tropical hops.

Bottom Line: Solid effort. Commendable taste.



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