Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale

Anyone following my blog will recognize the peculiar and humorous way my brother makes the bottles from my Christmas Present beer that he has furnished me with in the past, and I certainly hope this becomes an annual tradition. This particular beer comes from Akron, OH, just a stone's throw away from his home and the home of the Steelers (go Steelers!)

The brown-tinted amber beer has a thin head that leaves nothing but a dusting across the top and will almost assuredly not leave any lacing. The aroma is honey malt and Christmas spices. It's definitely a winter ale (and I'm drinking this within a few days of Christmas, even though you may read this much later).

First sip is ginger and cinnamon riding on top of a caramel and honey malt. The taste is purely Christmas, and I am thinking they hit this sucker right on the head (not that they hit 12 dogs on the head - that would be cruel and unnecessary for the brewing of the beverage).

Tip-in is noticeable carbonation burn that I wasn't anticipating with the cinnamon and ginger again taking my attention. The middle opens into a both smooth and crisp display for the honey and caramel malt with a touch of vanilla joining the other spices to really take the beer downtown. Then, the finish is a swift tingle of carbonation and a more harsh bitterness and slight tartness as the spices give up before the end.

Bottom Line: A very good seasonal beer that could use a slight tweak on the finish.



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