450 North Dank Candy Gummy Haze Double IPA

I've only had one beer that claimed to be "dank" and it was very, very good. So, will this follow the same fate? Well, it's not a Mantra beverage, and I never heard of this brewery before, but I've had a few DIPAs before, and I have very much liked them in general.

The hazy bronze beer has a good head that boils away to a few bubbles in a pad on top with a ring around the glass, so nothing extraordinary so far. The aroma is a very light citrus with maybe a crackery crust. It's very light, but my current mood means it is still pretty damn mouth watering.

First sip is like sucking on a grapefruit peel. It has no sweetness, lots of bitterness, a certain kind of tang that leaves the mouth feeling dryer than it started off as, and that citrus as a structure. It's not great for sipping, but there is entirely a possibility that gulping this will improve matters. It has happened before, I'm not just a drunk.

Tip-in is crusty bread, tart citrus, and a bit of citrus acid while carbonation is just set to tingle. The middle is more of that crusty bread with definite grapefruit added and some spices highlighting things a bit. The finish is dry, tart, and bitter, and it brings down a fairly mediocre beer.

Bottom Line: I can't say if it's dank, but it's not candy.



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