Nantahala Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout Ale

Following up the chocolate-cherry brother that had too much of a coffee taste is this bourbon barrel sibling. The fact is, I expect this will be better, as the bourbon and wood will likely overcome the coffee that I found a bit off-putting from the other one. Let's all hope.

There is no mistaking this beer for the other from the get-go. The amount of froth that is contained in just the smallest amount of beer is quite impressive - no coaxing necessary. In fact, in order to get this picture, I had to let it settle three times and pour slowly down the side of the glass every time. The head has staying power to the point that I don't even know if it leaves lacing, but I suspect it does. The black-brown beer has the aroma of cherries and chocolate like its sister, but it adds that bourbon alcohol whiff.

First sip is strong and sour. It is so damn sour. It is like a sour apple coated with the sour dust from a Warheads candy. Under that, there is chocolate and cherry, but the sour is too much for them to overcome. I don't know what made this so sour, but it seems nuts. Let's see if the full swig is different.

Tip-in is sour and chocolate. The middle is sour, alcohol, cherries, and light chocolate. I think there is some wood in there with it, but the sour is just going to town. The finish is definite wood with the sour and more cherries.

Bottom Line: Nope. Not better than its sister.



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