FireFly Caramel Moonshine

Firefly is kind of my golden child when it comes to moonshine. Well, I say that, but I think I had one that I really liked and one that I hated. BUT, the Apple Pie was definitely the one that made me think that moonshine could be enjoyed, despite not actually being beer.

This is darker than the delicious Apple Pie, and it just about hits the head on the color of caramel. It has the aroma of caramel, too; it's the alcohol-tinted caramel like you might expect in a moonshine, but it is distinctly caramel. It's thick, too. I could smell that caramel as soon as I broke the seal.

First sip is not 100% caramel. The warm feeling going down into the gut is very moonshine, and there is something else there tinting the caramel with adultness. Alcohol twinges all around the caramel, and I imagine this is what the candy that is infused with liquor would taste like - it's very sweet.

Second and third sips reveal a tip-in that is quite unpleasant. It tastes almost like oil or something; like a Werther's Original that's seriously gone off. Then, it opens into the alcohol-laden caramel sweet. The finish is just more of the same with occasional burning from the alcohol.

Bottom Line: Not as bad as some, but not particularly good.



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