Boulevard Heavy Lifting IPA

West Coast IPAs are quickly becoming my go-to for pure enjoyment with a nice, refreshing beer. Every time I look at a Boulevard, however, I remember that they couldn't do an IPA well. I wonder if they have learned since that fateful day in Kansas City.

The pale gold beer has a fluffy white head that leaves all kinds of lacing. The aroma is mostly citrus hops with grapefruit at the front. I can't really smell much malt, and I guess that'll be okay for a hoppy beer, but a west coast IPA would not tend to be all that hoppy, right?

First sip is not staggeringly good. It has the bitterness of the hops without the beauty of it. Instead, there is a bit of wateriness followed by a sense of citrus hops, acidity, and then the wave of bitterness that just keeps on giving after the taste has gone away. Will the swig do any better?

Tip-in is light flowers, honey, and carbonation sting. The middle follows with very mild grapefruit hops and light pine with an earthy undertone to try and nail it down. Right here, I feel like I can taste what they were going for. The finish is musty and bitter with even more bitterness in the trail-off. It's not a good end to a pretty good beer.

Bottom Line: It lets itself down. It's a shame.



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