Weyerbacher Mellow Monks

A couple Weyerbacher beers had been recommended to me by friends and relatives, and this is the first chance I am getting to try them out. I'm not saying they have a fairly high bar to meet, but the expectation levels are not low; people don't normally go that far out of their way to recommend a beer to me.

The very yellow beer sports almost no head right out of the bottle, and it has even less after it settles. There will be no lacing with this beer, that's for damn sure; I don't even get the usual ring around the sides of the glass. The aroma is sweet and delicious malt with that peculiar Belgian yeast without a shade of funk in it. Instead, it's bright and slightly citrus hops.

First sip is pretty simple and a little watery. There's the light citrus and the Belgian yeast with a certain amount of bright sweetness. It is very simple. I'm not sure that I'm getting everything in the sip, and I genuinely hope I'm not. This could probably be sipped all day, and it's not like it's offensive, but it is too mild and ... weak.

Tip-in is lemon brightness and Belgian yeast with moderate carbonation tingling around the ends. The middle is heavy Belgian yeast with a kind of light bitterness and a very mild wet bread dough. The finish is a more solid bitter hit while everything else fades very quickly. Trail off is just dust and bitterness.

Bottom Line: Fairly non-memorable as a sipping beer, but it seems like that might be the best way to drink it.



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