New Heights IPA

Another new brewery in the Nashville area. I am loving the choices I have now, and I encourage more. This beer is about as straight-shooting as you can get by not even bothering to add some other name to the beer, and they just call it IPA. I love the attitude, and I hope more brewers follow suit.

The sort of honey-amber beer has a sticky, sticky head that leaves quite a bit of lacing, and I'm loving it. The aroma is exactly the amount of hops that I expect to get, and it is a mixture of pine and floral. If there's something else here, I am not smelling it, but it could just be that the hops are having their way with everything.

First sip is WAY more mild than I expected. I mean, it's not going to be overshadowed by your average red ale or something, but it is gentle and almost smooth - which hoppy beers never are. Crisp? Maybe. Bracing? Frequently. But mild? No, that is one thing they just aren't. Maybe a full swig will explain things.

Tip-in is mild carbonation burn with floral and citrus hops just hanging out, not doing too much. The middle opens up into a familiar IPA scrape of carbonation and floral and pine hops absolutely raking the roof of the mouth. There is a bready malt under it all, complaining about the noise going on upstairs, but the hops are dominating. The finish is caramel malt with light remnants of the hops delightfully dancing on top.

Bottom Line: The personality dramatically changes based on how you drink it. Both personalities have some pretty good points.



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