Good People Hitchhhiker IPA

The Good People try, and I am all for them trying. They have had one good and one bad one so far (at least that I have tried). The DIPA was good, and the regular pale ale was not. What will this beer right in the middle - the holy grail IPA - do for me?

The murky depths of the pale amber beer emit a slight aroma of citrus hops, but the smell is really having a hard time getting through the thick cap of sticky bubbles that leave enough lacing to let you know this is an IPA.

First sip is classic IPA - heavy citrus hops with a layer of dust on them and a tang and bitterness that merge right at the end. It's a nice kind of twist where they want to quell the bite at the end, but they want to keep things lively, and they are working it well.

Tip-in is a little watery, a little lemony, and a tiny bit bready with carbonation just tingling the outside. The middle opens into heavier citrus with nettles nestled into it that allow it to scrape the top of the mouth as lemongrass blows in the wind with a block of bread lightly grated and allowed to blow into that wind. The finish is grains and the tart/bitterness with a touch of caramel.

Bottom Line: Good people making good beer. I remember why I like a good IPA, and I'm glad they invited me.



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