Yee Haw Billy Beard Maibock Spring Lager

Yee Haw has been a nice surprise for a local brewery. The fact is, it is horribly named, but the beer has not been that bad. I'm not certain that the nutty name for the brewery should have an effect on the quality of the beer itself, and I have so far found that it hasn't. So, I'm confident that this should be pretty good.

That beer is a very darn clear amber-copper color with a semi-sticky head that has floating patches of tiny bubbles centered around much bigger bubbles. The aroma is all kinds of spring lager. I smell spices, malt, honey, and it is a pretty enticing smell.

First sip is very, very strong. The honey is pretty solid in there, but the spices are just freaking nuts. No, I'm not saying that I taste nuts, and I would probably not be able to over all those spices. The malt is the only thing really holding its own against the spices, and it is bringing a pretty solid bread.

Tip-in is light carbonation burn, fresh, doughy bread, light spices, and even some citrus hops. The middle is very, very nice. It is a continuation of the light spice and doughy bread, but it adds that sweet honey that really is smooth and solid at the same time. The finish is a little more jarring with the hit of spice and then the wort is right out there, naked and alone for the trail-off.

Bottom Line: If I were to brand this beer, it is freaking German. It is a solid, reliable German beer.



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