Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA

This beer may as well have "For Tim, with Love." I mean, and IPA with an awesome name like Hopsecutioner from Terrapin, who (when they put their mind to it) can put out some seriously good beers. With the artwork on this label, I'm kind of surprised they aren't getting sued by Eastman & Laird (or whoever owns the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles these days).

The light amber beer has a remarkably sticky head that leaves lacing like its on sale at the dollar store and leaves a thin cap patchier than Patches, the dog who lives down the street. The aroma is suitably hoppy and a rich mixture of citrus and pine with a solid backing of bread malt. Honestly, I expected the hops to overwhelm the malt, but the malt seems to be holding its own here.

First sip is pine hops up front with malt behind. The finish is really odd - it is bitter with oranges and lingers a whole lot longer than you might expect. With it is a kind of dusty grain that makes me think of a wheat beer or just a very dry malt. I can't say I would sip this beer all day with that finish lingering so much.

Tip-in is orange hops, carbonation tingle, and bread, but the bread is not as pronounced as I expected. The middle is where the orange turns to pine and is joined by subtle grains in the bread. The effect is actually kind of watery and mild - not what I expect from an IPA called Hopsecutioner. The finish is stronger, with its wave of sharp carbonation burn followed by oranges and bitterness. Trail off is still that dusty grain taste with oranges highlighting the free ends.

Bottom Line: With so much malt, you would think this would be balanced better. A rare IPA that I'm not sure I would order when out.



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