Evil Czech Bigsby White Stout

EVIL! Czech! Well, I can't tell you if this is evil, but it's brewed in Indiana, so it may have Czech roots, but this is American, and they should be proud of that. I've never had a white stout - or indeed any stout that wasn't some shade of black, so this'll be a new one for me; and I like new beers.

It's not black like a regular stout (or black ale, black lager, porter, or any of the others). Instead, it is an exceedingly murky kind of dull bronze with a tight white head that leaves the familiar ring around the glass and an amorphous blob in the center of the drink. The aroma is unexpectedly very coffee. There may be some vanilla in there with it, but holy crap is there a lot of coffee.

First sip is not as excessively coffee as I feared, but there is still a lot of it. I can confirm the vanilla in there with some flowers. If there's more, it is hidden under the coffee, and the coffee, like I said, is heavy, but it isn't quite as off-putting as most of these coffee beers. That said, PUT SOMETHING ON THE CAN if you're going to make a beer taste like coffee by actually adding coffee.

Tip-in is bitter cold coffee with mild carbonation burn. The middle is creamy vanilla, caramel, and toffee (specifically, Werther's Original) while the coffee goes into the background. The finish is when the coffee steps up to really slap you with the flower basket, but it doesn't hit with bitterness. Trail-off is just coffee.

Bottom Line: Even if you're not a fan of coffee, this isn't terrible. If you like coffee, this may be spectacular.



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