Elysian The Immortal IPA

We've been here before, Elysian and I, and their beers have been absolutely sensational. So, when they say that an IPA is "The Immortal" I assume they have done their homework and know what kind of expectation level that is going to bring. If they bring their best, like they have before, then we're all good.

The amber-gold beer has a very nice white head with lacing and stickiness that tells the drinker that the beer is an IPA. The aroma? Well, it isn't as much IPA as the look. It definitely has a heavier malt and yeast in there like a DIPA might. Mind you, I can totally smell the citrus hops waiting for me, so maybe this is going to be an IPA after all.

First sip is all kinds of IPA. It is actually fairly nice with its grapefruit all up in my face and the malt managing to keep the bitterness in check. There is orange and mango in there to help things stay rounded out, but that grapefruit is really front and center. Will it be in the swig?

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle over pretty mild citrus and dough. The middle opens into that grapefruit with the orange and mango supporting it; it is crisp and very drinkable at this point. The finish comes with a bit of a biting stab of bitterness followed by an ease of everything as the malt takes hold.

Bottom Line: Highly drinkable and full of personality - this makes a good case for IPAs.



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