Mantra Miel de Diamant Honey Saison

Mantra is pretty much one of the golden children at this point. These people produce some damn good beer, and they know what the hell they're doing. Will they be able to use their particular set of skills to make a saison that is worthy of the brand they are trying to build? Let's find out.

The amber beer with the white head has an aroma of lemons, orange rind, spices, and doughy bread. It's complex and exciting with the patchy bubbles floating on top and the very slight lacing on the sides of the glass.

First sip is not excessively nice. It is sweet and harsh with grains and spices overwhelming the malt and any hops that might have been in there. Instead, this beer just kind of slaps the tastebuds with all the spices and even a pretty hard yeast. I guess a full swig might sort it out a bit, and I don't want to continue to sip this thing.

Tip-in is significant carbonation burn and heavy grains. The yeast is also vying for attention, and it isn't a particularly inoffensive yeast. The middle is actually pretty watery with grains in the background and orange peels scattered haphazardly. The finish is an absolute bombshell of spices, yeast, a struggling malt, and general hatred for the drinker.

Bottom Line: Even a good brewer can put out a stinker. This shouldn't have gotten past their front door.



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