Victory Golden Monkey Belgian Style Tripel (Revisit)

I have already reviewed this beer, but that was kind of in the infancy of this blog, and I like to think I learned a lot since then. More importantly, I really liked this beer, and I have such good memories of it that I thought it deserved an updated review.

The golden beer is not murky at all, unlike my past experience with the beer, and that makes me look twice. The head is voluminous, which is also very unlike the previous version of this beer that I had. I'm a little apprehensive as a result of these changes, but I'm going to assume that Victory made changes based on improvements they thought they could make to the beer, and I'm not going to second guess them. The aroma is sweet malt and spices, and I have stopped caring how this compares to the original - I want to drink.

First sip is a snakebite of spices and malt. The spices are very, very heavy, and the malt is bread with all those spices heaped on top of it, but the dinner roll quality can definitely be tasted coming out over top of it all. It's definitely a beer to remember, and I remember it well. I want a swig.

Tip-in is sweet bread and light spices with almost no carbonation to speak of. The middle is bright and shiny with citrus, flowers, bread, and the spices are impressively light; it is clean and absolutely lovely in the middle. The finish is a decrescendo with the sweetness peaking right before the trail-off of light and fun spices. I want another.

Bottom Line: If anything, I may like this better than the previous incarnation.



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