Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca White Ale

The first beer I had from these guys was a bit... full of character, but it was certainly an enjoyable experience. A white ale is a good style for them to try, as it is difficult to get right, but it rewards patience and skill for a brewer who is willing to brew in the tradition of the style.

The pale gold beer has a little white head when first poured, but it goes away pretty quickly. There are still a few bubbles left, but not many at all. The aroma is exceedingly light, but I think I smell citrus and ... soap? Honestly, that might be coming from my hand, as the aroma of the beer isn't all that significant.

First sip is sour. Is this one of those sour ales? I am not looking to be challenged by my beer like it was a Warhead sour candy or something. This is supposed to be a white ale, dammit! This is why we can't have nice things! If we ruin something as perfectly nice as a Belgian White Ale, then we have no business brewing beer. Maybe it's just a sip, so let's go with the swig.

Tip-in is tart with citrus and other assorted fruits. Carbonation is pretty light at first. The middle is light tartness with mild citrus, tartness, and a little malt thrown in for good measure (with another hint of tart). The middle is actually pretty crisp and clean tasting. The finish is more sour than tart with a rush of citrus and the powder scraped off of a Warhead candy.

Bottom Line: Good enough, but it could definitely be better.



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