Yee Haw Big Hoppa Double IPA

While I wasn't a fan of the Yee Haw Scottish-style ale, the Dunkel was certainly something to seek out a second time. What about a beer that sounds like it should have been made in Boston that is actually made in remote Johnson City, TN? It's northeast of Knoxville, but before you cross the state line to North Carolina. It's pretty close to Bristol, if you are a NASCAR fan.

The bright gold beer with the nice and sticky head smells of hops and spices. If there is malt in this thing (which I sincerely hope is the case), I can't smell it. Well, I say that, but it definitely has a sweet smell that is presumably with the bitter hops to tame them, and I can only assume that is coming from the malt, but I swear I don't smell the stuff I normally would associate with proper hops.

First sip is damn good. It is smooth, which itself is very odd for an IPA of any sort (although I have noticed that double IPAs, despite their name, are generally less caustic than their brothers). Instead, this beer has the telltale citrus and pine of hops, but it lacks any of the bite. I really like just sipping, but to leave it there would be injustice.

Tip-in is sweet oranges, very light carbonation, and some cool spices. The middle is a bit of pine added to the mix, as the other tastes swell a little with even a hint of graininess coming from the malt, and it fits in very well. The finish is a bit of bitterness with a surge of the pine, but it all resolves into a trail-off of sweetness and even a bit of bread.

Bottom Line: Those rednecks are onto something.



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