Mantra Big Juicy Dank IPA

This beer was set aside for me by Jeremy, the greatest proprietor of a liquor store that has ever walked the earth. He knows I like to try new beers, and he thought this would really be in my wheelhouse. It's an IPA, so he clearly knows his customers. This is a local brewery, and City Sliquors appears to really try to get as many local beers as they can get, and I for one am appreciative of their efforts.

The heavy haze and thick white head compliment the very orange color of the beer. Lacing is very nice, and you know I like that (if you don't, then welcome to the first review of an IPA on this blog that you have ever read, and I encourage you to read more of them). The aroma is oranges above all else. The else in there is a kind of grass and ... no, it's more oranges.

First sip is not nearly as orange as the scent. Instead, it has grains and a noticeable bitterness and spices diffused into the mixture of orange, mango, pineapple, and various other citruses. It is probably not a sipping beer, but it's pretty smooth for an IPA. I wonder if the swig will be the same.

Tip-in is light orange and pineapple with moderate carbonation tingle. The middle opens into an expansive bread, grass, citrus sandwich that is quite delightful in both its simplicity and its rich flavor. The finish is a mild bitterness with orange rind a hint of flour from the doughy bread trailing off.

Bottom Line: That is just about great.



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