Catawba Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Jeremy at City Sliquors was nuts about getting me this beer. As a result, I'm nuts about trying it out. After all, that guy knows his stuff, and he knows what I like (he may be one of the few people who actually bothers reading this blog other than me). So, we have a Catawba beer, and they have been pretty good so far. The last off-the-wall flavor beer that I had was very good, too, so I'm expecting greatness.

The hazy, light brown beer has very little head, so there won't be any nice lacing on this glass - so much the pity. The aroma is peanuts, grains, and raspberries. So, I'd say it's PB&J on whole wheat bread, but it definitely gives the impression of PB&J.

First sip is ... odd. It's not exactly PB&J, but it is an artistic impression of what PB&J might taste like if Salvador Dali interpreted sandwiches in beer form. It has the peanuts, and it has the sweetness with the berries, but there is a strange bitterness that doesn't seem to belong to any of the good tastes in the beer. Maybe a swig?

Tip-in is peanuts, a really watery kind of jelly, almost no carbonation, and a bit of grains. The middle is much more grainy than anything, but it has the peanuts to guide it along the throat. The finish is a harsh bite of tartness with the peanuts, jelly, and some yeast. Trail off is a strange warping of peanut butter and smoke.

Bottom Line: Not terrible, but it can't seem to maintain interest through the entire can. It kind of overstays its welcome, as is the nature of a lot of these novelty beers.



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