Mantra Guru Gish Milk Stout

Another beer from Mantra. This beer seems like it has just a bit too much going on with all the extra stuff that might have been added. I really would like to see these guys making regular styles like a regular lager or IPA, but I guess I will keep taking what they give me and enjoy it.

Yes, it's black. Wait - it's so brown/red that it's black. Same difference, dammit! The exceedingly minimal head is but a scant wisp of bubbles artistically flourishing out from the center toward one of the sides. The aroma is a very strong nut/vanilla/nut/cream/nut. I mean, it is strong.

First sip is vanilla nut muffin with a sugar frosting and caramel drizzled over the top. The peanut is so heavy that I'm reminded of the Terrapin beer with all the peanuts, and not in a bad way. It makes me want a proper swig - and a proper swig is what I shall have.

Tip-in is almost no carbonation with a thick, sweet caramel coffee that is lightly burned on the free ends with definite vanilla character. The middle is creamy center of most milk stouts with more smoke, caramel, and vanilla; the nuts are delightfully not overpowering. When the finish hits, a bitterness and much more peanut butter hits before trailing off in the smoky distance.

Bottom Line: Solid and flavorful, this is an excellent milk stout with just the right flavors added for complexity.



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