Hinterland Timberland Red Ale

From the brewer that put the Packers' name on a bottle of beer and sold it to the locals comes another beer for the land of cheeseheads. This one is a red ale, however, and that is a kind of beer that I have definitely grown fond of. As a style that is generally pretty mild, it's easy to do it right if you have the solid base to start with.

The beer is a deep red with a head that boils down to a nice thin cap of white foam. It's not sticky like an IPA, but it still manages to leave some lacing, so that's good. The aroma is very malty with a kind of spicy hop base supporting it. The aroma is very strong, and I noticed it as soon as I started to pour. It's very enticing.

First sip is a complex and good one. It is a strong malt (which is very odd for a red ale) with the same spices and hops as I smelled before. The beer is not so complex as to not be good while sipping, but I can tell that there is more to this beer that will be brought out when it is properly swigged.

Tip-in is medium carbonation burn with the sweet malt and some spices with maybe even some coriander helping things out. The tip-in is simple enough. The middle approaches with a biting with a combination of the spices and carbonation, but it's actually more of a love nibble. With the malt swelling, the whole effect is tamped down to be abrasive, but it's not negatively so. The finish is a very nice retard of the swelling and the caramel and hops dance their way into the sunset with brown sugar and some nuts trailing.

Bottom Line: A surprisingly delicious take on an old favorite.



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