Seagram's Lemon 'n Lime Hard Soda

When I picked up this sampler pack of hard sodas, I had high hopes. As the first one was a let down, and the second one was as well, I am now dreading these things. I started with the two that I liked best as soda, so I anticipate these next two will not be my friend.

The crystal clear beverage sports no head, but it was at least fizzy when I poured it. Scant points of nucleation let me know that it is not water just by looking at it. The aroma is more 7-Up than Sprite, and more alcohol than either. I have one more kind of Seagram's hard soda in the fridge, and I think I might just stop with that one and just stick to root beer if I see any new ones. The formula that seems to be used with these things is just generic soda + alcohol = enjoy, you lazy bastard.

First sip is not as bad as I expected. Yes, it's basically just generic Lemon-lime soda with alcohol added, but the alcohol isn't as heavy-handed as the last two versions of these sodas from Seagram's. I'm not so sure that I would go so far as to say that this is preferable to beer or even regular Sprite, but a sip won't tell me that, will it?

Tip-in is straight lemon-lime soda. carbonation is minimal, and alcohol isn't even hinted at. The middle is more of the same. It's not the best lemon-lime ever, but it's not half bad. By the time the finish come along, I am anticipating an alcohol hit, and that is what it brings. The finish is an unfortunate smack of alcohol that frankly upsets the beverage altogether.

Bottom Line: I just don't think they have a handle on what they want to produce. If they do, I am not their crowd.



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